Staged Work

I haven't had the chance to do much writing for the stage over the past few years, but those projects that I have been able to take on have been really special to me, offering me the chance to collaborate with other members of the community and try to build something together from scratch.

Ghost Light Vaudeville Presents:  

"The Gumshoe Revue"

Ghost Light Vaudeville Society’s debut production, “The Gumshoe Revue”, is an investigation into paranormal pulp and pulse-raising performances. Our hardboiled hosts will lead us all through a wide variety of acts - including burlesque, drag, comedy, and music - each one uniquely inspired by the ghosts and demons that live among us

Written by Alison Ross and Sasja Smolders

Hosted by Dick Splash and Sasja Smolders

This event functioned as Ghost Light's debut, as well as a fundraiser for Women Against Violent Against Women (WAVAW), local intersectional non-profit. 



"We Know Nothing: Monologues of Ice and Fire"

Celebrated author, George R. R. Martin, has brought us so many excellent stories and characters throughout the years – but some of his creations inevitably ended up in the editing room’s rubbish bin. In this series of comedic monologues inspired by Game of Thrones, host George R. R. Martin will introduce us to some of his favourite cut characters such as “Fabiar Frey – the Red Wedding Singer,” “Susan Sand – the Other Sand Snake,” and “Rud Oatwright – the Romeo of Flea Bottom.”

Written by Alison Ross and Courtney Shrumm

Directed by Chris Nyarady and Keegan Flick-Parker