Ongoing Projects

From podcasts, to comics, to charitable productions, I try to keep a few balls in the air at any given time, if you'll excuse the juggling analogy. One of the things I like doing most is producing foreward-thinking, enjoyable content with people I connect to on a creative level. 

Here's a taste of what I've currently got going on:


       Ghost Light         Vaudeville Society

This is a non-profit performance group I co-founded, with the aim to honor our city's history, and to create more opportunities for performers in our community, while also supporting causes that are meaningful to us. 

We started off our first year (2016) with a bang, and I can't wait for everyone to see what we have planned next. 


The XX Files Podcast

                                                            A friend and I thought we might enjoy The X-Files, so we teamed up with Thunderquack Podcast Network to bring you a weekly podcast with our thoughts on each episode. 

As it turns out, this show may not be 100% for us, but we still have a great time telling you why, and talking about every other thing under the sun. 


Angry Cloud Comics

                                                  Friend, colleague and long-time collaborator Elise Stevens and I started off Angry Cloud Comics under a different name years ago to promote our knitting super-hero comic The Knittrix.

Now we're branching out into other stories, genres and mediums. We plan to bring you smart, modern content for a variety of audiences.