Production Work

For the last eight years I've been lucky enough to spend my time working in the animation industry. I started as a P.A., and worked in every aspect of the production pipeline from scripts to post.

These are some of my favourite projects I’ve worked on over the years:


Ghost Patrol (2016)

A Halloween release, this movie was an original concept I created that was taken into script by a pair of excellent writers. It was fantastic to see it come together as an associate producer, tracking the production from concept to completion. We were also able to produce a companion browser game for this project, which was a great experience. 

"Ghost Patrol" is a 45-minute movie produced for DHX Media. It aired on Disney Channel and The Family Channel and can currently by found on Netflix. The companion game is playable on The Family Channel's website. 


Rainbow Ruby (2016)

I'm used to have my hands in every part of a production, but for this show, I coordinated the voice records. From casting to recording, it was an absolute treat to work on this show where the main character Ruby can take on any profession, whether it be doctor, plumber, or rockstar. 

"Rainbow Ruby" features 52 x 11-minute episodes produced for DHX. It airs on Family Jr. 


Ready Jet Go! (2015)

While my role has been smaller on this production, as coordinator of the storyboard department, I have relished the chance to work on a show that provides great role models for young girls interested in STEM fields, and to receive input from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

"Ready Jet Go!" is an ongoing 3D-animated series produced in partnership with Wind Dancer Films for PBS. The first and second seasons feature 82 x 11-minute episodes.


Under Wraps (2014)

Another 45-minute Halloween-themed movie, Under Wraps was a great opportunity for me. Working from an existing concept, I got to build on top of that foundation to write this film. My challenge was making sure it was spooky without being too scary, and trying to provide comedy that could be appreciated by kids and their parents. Best use of my Anthropology degree yet! Besides writing this film, I also managed the production. 

"Under Wraps" is a 45-minute movie produced for Arc Entertainment. This movie aired on Cartoon Network and The Family Channel, and was sold at Walmart stores nationwide. 


Kawaii Crush (2013)

My first big writing opportunity came in the form of 18 60-second short webisodes for Spinmaster's "Kawaii Crush" toy line. It was a fun challenge to write one-minute episodes that didn't contain any dialogue, and also allowed me to work on my physical comedy chops and sense of timing. I also managed the production of these shorts in addition to writing them. 

"Kawaii Crush" took the form of 18 flash-animated one minute cartoons which aired on Spinmaster's Youtube channel to accompany the launch of the toy line. 



A Monsterous Holiday (2013)

This movie was my first opportunity to really dig in deep on story editing and structure. Along with the director and assistant director, I worked to rewrite the structure of the film and revise dialogue and action to add comedy. I also worked on this film as a production coordinator. 

"A Monsterous Holiday" is a 45-minute movie produced for Arc Entertainment. This movie aired on Cartoon Network and The Family Channel, and was sold at Walmart stores nationwide.