Run In The Blood: The Playlist

Let's talk about music! 

I am a little bit obsessive about writing playlists. I have one for each idea that I am constantly adding to. Sometimes songs even give me prompts for ideas that help to shape the narrative. Besides that, listening to music also keeps me focused and stops me from second-guessing on first drafts. 

Since there are only 2 weeks until Run In The Blood is released, I've put together a super trimmed version of my playlist for this book: just one song for each chapter.


Run In The Blood - Four Months till Release!

There are just four months to go until Run In The Blood comes out on December 25th! 

While there's still lots to be done, I'm so excited that the story has found a home at NineStar Press, and I can't wait for it to be out in the world. 

I want to share a little something as I count down to the release, so I thought I'd start with some pictures of the setting that I've been using for inspiration as I write. The island nation where the story is set is mostly mountains and tundra, with river valleys in-between. There are abandoned underground cities honeycombed beneath the surface, and a massive capital city built onto one of the peaks.

I can't wait for other people to visit it! (Y'know, metaphorically) 

That's all for now, but I'll keep updating as the book gets closer to existence. :D 



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