Once Upon A Rainbow Volume 3 from Ninestar Press!

Hey y'all!

Exciting news! I have a short story being released next week in NineStar Press's Once Upon A Rainbow anthology series.

Volume 3 is out on July 2nd, and you can read my millennial Cinderella re-telling, "Green Things Grow From Cinders" plus lots of other fun stories.

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"What if you could walk into a party with the perfect outfit—one that matches the way you feel inside?
For Ash Zermeno, the night of his best friend’s brother’s wedding reception is a hard pass: he’s certainly not going to wear the dress he ordered months ago, and he’s got no other wardrobe options. Forget about the fact that his long-time childhood crush Roman is going to be there. It just ain’t happening, no matter how hard he wishes on it. And he didn’t even wish on it…or did he?"